About Sunday's Message


The Spirit of the Lord”                            Isaiah 11:1-3a

Jesus came to give us the gift of the _______ ________ so that we can live in a daily, personal ___________________ with God the Father.
  • The Holy Spirit gives us _________________ of God and His Word.
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the __________ to walk in faithfulness and obedience to God.
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the _________ to live for God and serve Him in every way.
If you find yourself struggling to see or hear or feel the Holy Spirit at work in your life then just simply get into the ______________of ____________.
  • Martin Luther—“It must be firmly maintained that God gives no on His Spirit apart from the Word of God.”
  • Augsburg Confession—“The Holy Spirit is given through the Word of God.”


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